Mr. Lee A. Hampton, founder of Ms. Feel Good Inc., has been a successful business owner of multiple businesses in Houston, Texas for more than four decades. Early on, he developed a keen instinct for new business opportunities; identifying the opportune time to enter into new industries (ahead of the curve) and capitalizing on new business trends.

A few years ago, while watching television, Mr. Hampton’s business instinct fixated on the Hemp/CBD industry. Mr. Hampton observed a commercial stating the various benefits of CBD and how it effects the human body. Mr. Hampton became enthralled with the idea of how many people he could help with physical ailments, while growing a very profitable business.

Being a progressive thinker, Mr. Hampton didn’t waste any time researching the Hemp/CBD industry to educate himself about the history, benefits and future projections of the industry. Mr. Hampton attended various seminars, site tours of Hemp growers and whatever else he could find to gain the knowledge needed to become a Hemp/CBD business owner.

Mr. Hampton eventually recruited a team of highly qualified individuals to join him in building the CBD Brand that he envisioned that day in his living room. Mr. Hampton’s Hemp/CBD vision dream became a reality and now the Ms. Feel Good Brand has a wide range of Hemp/CBD in its product line at very reasonable prices and is servicing clients throughout the United States..

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